Universal Access

We have a variety of specialist services and facilities to help you access the care you need.  If you think you need one of these services, please do tell our call handler or reception staff:

Type Talk
If you are hard of hearing you may benefit from the use of typetalk, a service which allows easy text-based communications between you and the call handler over the phone.  Our call handlers regularly use Typetalk to communicate with patients. If you have access to Typetalk please make use of this when calling the PELC team.

Language Translation
PELC provides NHS Primary Care services for more than 1.1 million patients across a wide diversity of communities and ethnic groups.  To ensure that everyone is able to access our services easily, we have a specialist language translation service available for callers.  If English is not your first language, a translator can join the call to help you and our Patient Call Handler.

Parking facilities at Primary Care Centres
Car parks, including disabled bays are available at all sites we provide services from. Please note that parking charges may apply.

Baby changing facilities at Primary Care Centres
Baby changing facilities are available at our sites.  Please ask a member of staff for assistance if you need help to access the facilities.

Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair access is available at our sites.